Our Policies

Dumpsadviser prides themselves for the excellence of our products and full support to our valued customers. We work towards earning your utmost trust and satisfaction. We provide what we claim and hence assure success in the very first attempt. For the purpose of growing this trust in us, we lay down our policies and terms. These policies cover all there is to know before you start using our website or one of our Exam Dumps product.

Using Our Website:

About using this website it should be made clear that when you access our website it means you are accepting our terms and policies. If you for some reason do not approve any of the given terms and policies you may not use or access our website or our product.

Dumpsadviser Responsibilities:

Another thing to take into consideration is that we offer only help to pass your certification in order to increase your knowledge and skills in the required field of IT. Regardless of the fact that we devote our services to get you the most reliable, the latest and accurate content we are not promising 100% accuracy or realness of any of our Dumps. Also, we do not take responsibility for the servers bringing you to us to be completely Virus or Error free and that you yourself are liable to make sufficient measures to protect against such threats.

Exam Replacement Policy:

We do not offer a money back guarantee however do offer “Exam Replacement Policy” if so needed by the customer. If the customer for some reason fails to meet the passing score in one of the exams within 30 days using our Dumps Questions Answers he/she then can get replacement of exam with any other exam of their choice. It should be clear that the failure caused by any of the customers own free will (i.e. absence during the exam due to any personal reason or neglect in answering any of the questions) are not to be entertained by us

Privacy Policy:

Information that we gather from you on using our website is merely for documentation purposes or to bring improved adjustments to our website. Dumpsadviser does not use any of your personal information (i.e. Email or Full Name) to exploit your privacy under any circumstances. We may, however, use your email to occasionally send promotional or marketing emails that we think might interest you. We do not allow unauthorized access to your personal information or disclose it to anyone without your consent.